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The Great Christmas Boycott of 1906: An Untold Story of Antisemitism and the Battle Over Christianity in the Public Schools

Scott D. Seligman                        

Potomac Books

University of Nebraska Press


Forthcoming in November, 2025


In December, 1905, when Frank Harding, the Presbyterian principal of an elementary school in Brownsville, Brooklyn, urges his overwhelmingly Jewish student body to be more like Jesus, it is just the trigger Albert Lucas, secretary of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations, has been waiting for. Fresh from doing battle with Christian settlement houses that make no bones about their intent to convert young Jewish children to Christianity, Lucas and company fear that the public schools are also being used as a vector for proselytizing. The local Jewish community quickly takes Harding to task and calls for his ouster.

Religion has never been absent from American public schools, and the Harding case raises the perennial issue of how much of it – if any – should be permitted. The Great Christmas Boycott of 1906 fills in an important chapter in the history of this debate, which until then had been an intramural scrimmage pitting established Protestants against later-arriving Catholics. It tells the story of the entry of the American Jewish community into this messy dispute.

When the Board of Education lets Harding off with a slap on the wrist, Lucas and a delegation of rabbis from all branches of Judaism demand clear guidelines about what sorts of celebrations will be permitted in the future. When the board fails to act on their request, the Jewish community, fearing a repeat of the Harding incident, raises the stakes. They organize a boycott of the public schools on the day of the school Christmas pageants. In schools in Jewish neighborhoods as many as 75% of the students stay home.

Pressured by the boycott, the board finally moves to exclude sectarian hymns and compositions on religious subjects, but the ban generates an an enormous antisemitic backlash among the general public. Jews are accused of launching an attack on Christmas, of conspiring to deprive Christian children of their legitimate rights and of being something less than true Americans. Where Lucas and company wish to fight a battle over the law, which they are convinced is squarely on their side, their detractors rely on condescension, patriotism, antisemitism, tradition and outright falsehood. The conflict-averse board rescinds most of its order.

The issue not only divides Jews and Christians, but also the Jewish community itself, since many Jews doubt the wisdom of pursuing the boycott. The book traces the dispute over school Christmas celebrations to the present day and describes how today’s Jewish community, persuaded that politics are unlikely ever to permit a victory, still less a long-lasting one, has adapted to the status quo.


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